Thursday, February 26, 2009

8 Weeks & Counting

OK ladies, here is the weekly update. I will try to do the update on Saturdays as that is the day of the crop!!!

Food will be served at the following times:

Breakfast 9 am
Lunch Noon
Dinner 5 pm

Please see the posts 2 down from this one for the food choices.

I have had someone ask me if they were going to get their own tables. Well at this point I don't quite know how to answer that question. We went there and were told that they had tables to accomodate us "scrappers" So I would assume that we would be able to have 8 ft tables that we are used to but won't know until the day gets here and we are setting it up. I don't like to assume anything but all I can do is go off of what we were told when we went to visit the place.

I hope that answers your question and if someone would like a more definate answer I will do my very best to answer it.

Monday, February 16, 2009


New Info Follows:

We are very excited and pleased that the number of people that are coming to our Swarm/Crop is 47!!! There are spots for 50 people so if you can find other people to fill those last 3 spots go for it, if not that is perfectly fine as well.

Ok ladies, most everyone has paid for their spot reservation fees with a few exceptions. I am in touch with those ladies now but if you are one of them and have not gotten in touch with me regarding where your spot reservation fee is please email me right away at, thanks. Thank you also to the ladies that have paid for the spots in full, that makes it easier on me as time gets closer to the crop :).

Please keep checking back to this blog from this point on as I will be posting all info regarding the Swarm/Crop on my blog for easier access to everyone. You can leave comments here as well.

OK, now for the fun parts, CONTESTS!!!!

First Contest will be a NAME TAG. We would like for everyone who wants to participate in this contest to make a name tag and to be wearing it upon entrance to the Swarm/Crop on the 18th of April. The best one will be voted on by myself and Gretchen and we will award that person a prize between 10 am and 11 am that day. You have from now until the day of the crop to create your name tag.

Remember, if you need any updated information please check this blog as I will be trying to update this once a week from here on in with information. If you need direct contact with me you may either send me an email at or you may call my cell phone at 574-361-3068. Gretchen's info is as follows, email is or cell at 574-221-1062.

Thanks ladies and we are looking forward to seeing you all!!!

I Swarm

14 hour Scrapbooking Crop
Date: Saturday, April 18

Time: 9 am till 11 pm (that's right 14 hours of scrapping time)

Location: Shipshewana Convention Center
Shipshewana Indiana

Directions: take US-20 East to IN-5 and turn Left at the light. Convention Center will be on your left hand side about 0.9 miles down the road. It is located right next to Wana Waves.

**For anyone that would like to come from farther distance and would like to get a hotel room there is one right next to the convention center called Farmstead Inn. Their website is if you would like to make your own accommodations.

Cost: $40.00 per person

Payment Due Date: Please send $5.00 for spot reservation when you sign up to Missy Gustafson 58943 Timber Trail Goshen IN 46528. This fee is non-refundable after February 21. I will accept personal check or money order. If you want to send cash make sure you cannot see it through the envelope. I will post on here once I receive your payment. Final Payment of $35.00 for crop will be due no later than March 21.


Food Menu: Food will be catered by Shipshewana Restaurant called the Blue Gate. Authentic Amish cuisine!!!

**Breakfast: Assorted pastries, coffee, and orange juice

**Lunch: Ham or turkey sandwiches, fruit, bag of chips or pretzels, cookie, and soda

**Dinner: Fried Chicken, Roasted Potatoes or Rice Pilaf, Rolls and Butter, Seasonal Vegetable, Desert, Soda


There is free Wi-Fi available also to us.

There is a local scrapbooking store that is only a minute down the road from where we will be located. They are very up-to-date on their inventory and have a ton of stock.

There will be a contest with a prize awarded to the best one!!!