Thursday, February 26, 2009

8 Weeks & Counting

OK ladies, here is the weekly update. I will try to do the update on Saturdays as that is the day of the crop!!!

Food will be served at the following times:

Breakfast 9 am
Lunch Noon
Dinner 5 pm

Please see the posts 2 down from this one for the food choices.

I have had someone ask me if they were going to get their own tables. Well at this point I don't quite know how to answer that question. We went there and were told that they had tables to accomodate us "scrappers" So I would assume that we would be able to have 8 ft tables that we are used to but won't know until the day gets here and we are setting it up. I don't like to assume anything but all I can do is go off of what we were told when we went to visit the place.

I hope that answers your question and if someone would like a more definate answer I will do my very best to answer it.

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