Monday, February 16, 2009


New Info Follows:

We are very excited and pleased that the number of people that are coming to our Swarm/Crop is 47!!! There are spots for 50 people so if you can find other people to fill those last 3 spots go for it, if not that is perfectly fine as well.

Ok ladies, most everyone has paid for their spot reservation fees with a few exceptions. I am in touch with those ladies now but if you are one of them and have not gotten in touch with me regarding where your spot reservation fee is please email me right away at, thanks. Thank you also to the ladies that have paid for the spots in full, that makes it easier on me as time gets closer to the crop :).

Please keep checking back to this blog from this point on as I will be posting all info regarding the Swarm/Crop on my blog for easier access to everyone. You can leave comments here as well.

OK, now for the fun parts, CONTESTS!!!!

First Contest will be a NAME TAG. We would like for everyone who wants to participate in this contest to make a name tag and to be wearing it upon entrance to the Swarm/Crop on the 18th of April. The best one will be voted on by myself and Gretchen and we will award that person a prize between 10 am and 11 am that day. You have from now until the day of the crop to create your name tag.

Remember, if you need any updated information please check this blog as I will be trying to update this once a week from here on in with information. If you need direct contact with me you may either send me an email at or you may call my cell phone at 574-361-3068. Gretchen's info is as follows, email is or cell at 574-221-1062.

Thanks ladies and we are looking forward to seeing you all!!!


koalatcutter said...

want us to use our real name or our screen name on our tags? Or show both? (my friends aren't on the board)

Die Cut Diva said...

Be creative with your tags as anything goes. If you do not want to use your screen name just let me know who you are when we meet. You could use an AKA type thing if you would like on your tag with your name being predominate and your screen name underneath a little smaller? Just an idea/thought/suggestion. Could you please pass this info onto your friends or direct them here so that they know what the updates are. I am getting even more excited now that our ideas are taking shape into a plan!!!